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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Honey Do List

So to start the process of moving 7k+ miles away we had some things that needed to be completed.

  • Overseas screening: Doctors, shots, waiting, dentists and more waiting. In true Navy fashion we started playing the hurry up and wait game!
  • Call housing in Guam: staying up late to call at the right time and day that they are actually open (14 hrs ahead) 
  • Start our pack out: pack out early enough that it gets there when we do but not too early so that we are sleeping on the floor for months!
  • Ship our vehicle: Driving to New Orleans to make this possible. 
  • Passports: No fee or fully paid for?
  • Reservations: Hotels & cars. Hopefully we wont need either and we'll have our car and home in no time...Yea right.
  • Quarantine and fly Marley to Guam
Oh did I mention Joe would be deployed during all of this?

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