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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Play ball!

Here are some more photos from the Brooklyn Cyclones game! Joey our of all the kids in the park was selected to start the game shouting "Play Ball!" He had such an amazing time! Then we headed over to the see all the rides!

                                      The Family!                                  Joey giving an autograph
                                          Meeting the managers

                                                      With the king shouting "Play ball!"

Family time part 2

After a great time upstate with family we went down to visit the rest in Brooklyn. We had a such a great time! We hit every restaurant, watched movies and went to a baseball game. Joey loved being the center of attention!
                             Headed to the Cyclones game!                  Joey and Grandma!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family time

15 hours of driving (plus the 2 we slept) we made it to New York. We have spent the last 5 days upstate with family and the next set down in the city with more family!
                                              The Murray Men                           3 Generations
                                                                       Murray Family 2011

                             The Grandchildren                                     One tan family!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Winding down

After a 5.5 hr trip we are back in Jacksonville awaiting the missing part of our family. He will be flying into Jacksonville in the morning to join us on the next part of our adventure. We are staying at Davis Hall in Mayport (a Navy Gateway Inn) and it is amazing! 40 something a night for a small apartment. Full kitchen, dining table, living room, nice sized bathroom and large bedroom with desk and multiple closets. I could easily live here! lol The rest of this day Im sure will be a long one as we wait for morning to come and Joe to arrive. Time for a shower and some rest!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting...leads to thinking. Yes, It did hurt a bit.

While reading a friends post I started to think about what my goals for our new home would be. When we moved to Jacksonville we had such high hopes for a better command, outdoor adventures and becoming a closer family. None of these things happened until the last 6 months. Joe was working way too many hours, Joey was in school and I also had a full time job. We had money to do things but no time to do them! The little free time we had was usually wasted relaxing after a each long week. We had accomplished nothing.
Fast forward to now and our next destination ahead of us. We are full of hope, ideas, drive and an even better outlook for our new home. I decided, just like I had for Jacksonville to come up with my next set of things I wanted to accomplish....will accomplish.

As a family we want to be outdoors! I am definitely not an outdoors person, this I would like to change for my son's sake! Hiking, camping, biking, swimming-I want to do everything! We are looking forward to learning to dive and going on boonie stomps. We want to share with Joey where he comes from thru true island style.

Personally I have quite a few. I have started my ACE personal training certification and have it in mind to FINALLY finish it. I just want to help people.  I would also LOVE to follow in my parents footsteps and become a lifeguard. I find it so inspiring and its like being at the gym with a tanning bed built in. How can you go wrong?! Going back to school would also top this list as well. Ill have plenty of time to do so and I need to use it wisely!

We will see how far we get. I am praying this command is a blessing and not a curse like the one we are leaving. I also pray we grow as a whole. We have so much to look forward to.

Since I have some down time

For the past 4 months I've been carrying around our life in the front seat of my car. Its been changed, drawn on {thank you Joey!}, ripped apart, changed again, and left in the sun. What is it you may ask? Its my binder! I needed a way to stay organized or I would have went insane. Doing this move by myself called for me to muster up every ounce of strength, time, energy and hutzpah I had. Everything was on my shoulders and had a deadline. I had housing, apartment, vehicle, pet, child, passport and shipment documents that needed to be ready at any given notice! Sounds so exciting I know!

The only upside to carrying around a big binder full of "life" is that people tend to notice how organized I am...{insert pat on the back!}It makes me wonder how other people show up. Are there papers strewn and folded about? Food on them? Ok, the thought kind of grosses me out so Ill stop my assumptions there.

  *My inserts are courtesy of IHeartOrganizing! They are amazing!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ticking down

Woo hoo! I had my passport in hand exactly one week from when I submitted it! (almost down to the minute).
The vehicle was shipped out yesterday and our household goods are on their way to Guam.

Only thing left is to get my husband and ship our dog out. We are getting thru this week and we will be picking Joe up from the airport on Saturday morning! This is the day we've been waiting for for what feels like forever!!! Then we will be making our way up North to visit with family in New York. Joey is so excited to see everyone and show him everything he's been learning. Joey has been spending his days in the pool and he is now swimming like a fish! He can swim without his vest, dive in for his rings, front and back flip (something I cant even do), and now shows off his hand stands! He is learning so fast and is absolutely fearless. We are so excited for Joe to come home and see all these amazing things! 4 more days!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shipping out

We are now in the stages of shipping our vehicle out. We need multiple copies of our orders and all the documents for our car. It needs to be cleaned in and out and then driven to New Orleans, LA for it to be shipped out. Hopefully the the truck will get there on time and we wont have to rent one!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Family Time

                                    My Cutie!

64 GMC

Monday, July 4, 2011

In between stage

With Joe being deployed we moved out of our home in Jacksonville and are staying with my parents in Pensacola. Joey is enjoying the down time and being out of school. Hes been swimming everyday and working on his tan! We will remain here until Joe returns. 4th of July Joey had fun with his fireworks and slip and slide-he finally perfected the run and slide part!