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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting...leads to thinking. Yes, It did hurt a bit.

While reading a friends post I started to think about what my goals for our new home would be. When we moved to Jacksonville we had such high hopes for a better command, outdoor adventures and becoming a closer family. None of these things happened until the last 6 months. Joe was working way too many hours, Joey was in school and I also had a full time job. We had money to do things but no time to do them! The little free time we had was usually wasted relaxing after a each long week. We had accomplished nothing.
Fast forward to now and our next destination ahead of us. We are full of hope, ideas, drive and an even better outlook for our new home. I decided, just like I had for Jacksonville to come up with my next set of things I wanted to accomplish....will accomplish.

As a family we want to be outdoors! I am definitely not an outdoors person, this I would like to change for my son's sake! Hiking, camping, biking, swimming-I want to do everything! We are looking forward to learning to dive and going on boonie stomps. We want to share with Joey where he comes from thru true island style.

Personally I have quite a few. I have started my ACE personal training certification and have it in mind to FINALLY finish it. I just want to help people.  I would also LOVE to follow in my parents footsteps and become a lifeguard. I find it so inspiring and its like being at the gym with a tanning bed built in. How can you go wrong?! Going back to school would also top this list as well. Ill have plenty of time to do so and I need to use it wisely!

We will see how far we get. I am praying this command is a blessing and not a curse like the one we are leaving. I also pray we grow as a whole. We have so much to look forward to.

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