Adding an M

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Honey Do List

So to start the process of moving 7k+ miles away we had some things that needed to be completed.

  • Overseas screening: Doctors, shots, waiting, dentists and more waiting. In true Navy fashion we started playing the hurry up and wait game!
  • Call housing in Guam: staying up late to call at the right time and day that they are actually open (14 hrs ahead) 
  • Start our pack out: pack out early enough that it gets there when we do but not too early so that we are sleeping on the floor for months!
  • Ship our vehicle: Driving to New Orleans to make this possible. 
  • Passports: No fee or fully paid for?
  • Reservations: Hotels & cars. Hopefully we wont need either and we'll have our car and home in no time...Yea right.
  • Quarantine and fly Marley to Guam
Oh did I mention Joe would be deployed during all of this?

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011


    So I am starting this a bit late but just in time for our big move. We chose orders in December 2010 and waited 2 VERY long months to find out where we would be going. Joe was out to sea and on our anniversary we found out we received orders to Guam! Right away I had to start our screening process and getting every one of the 14573 things done that needed to be completed by September. But first we had to wait to receive our hard copy orders. This took another 2 months and on Easter (another holiday Joe was not home for) I got the email that contained our orders! This was one of the happiest days and it made our move all the more real! Now I could actually start the process and get the ball rolling.
    First I need to say goodbye to my love on the pier.

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Who we are.

    We are the Murray's.  My husband and I met in 2005 when I was in college living with my parents in Guam.  I had been to Guam previously 3 years earlier and loved it enough to follow my family back. Joe was in the Navy, stationed on the Cable. We met and were inseparable as you can be when your in the Navy. 8 months later we were married and soon after expecting, our little boy was born December 2006. Guam will always be a special place for us. I have spent more time on that little island than I have anywhere else and it is home to me. It is constantly changing but always seems to welcome us back.
    After Guam we spent 2 years in San Diego (not our favorite) and then 2 1/2 more in Jacksonville (even worse). We compare every duty station to the one we left in the South Pacific. The ease of life, food and culture is something that cannot be replicated. Island life is like no other.