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Monday, August 8, 2011


After 3 flights, 24hrs of traveling, 18hrs of sitting, crazy food and little sleep-we are FINALLY on Guam! We had a small speed bump when we thought our hotel was on base and it was actually off base but once we got settled in we could relax. I fell asleep fast but Joe and Joey stayed up till about 3am, only to sleep till 10am (that’s a first!) It will take some time getting used to the time change! 
We are staying at the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites on Nimitz Hill. We are in a huge room! Nice bedroom, kitchen (complete with HUGE fridge, stove, and a Keurig!) The price is amazing at $45 a night! We have an awesome view and are close to the site where we were married! (Top O’ the Mar) Mongolian BBQ here we come! 
We are hoping that we aren't here for too long. Once Joe checks into his command we can check into housing and see when a house will be available! 

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